C-Section …. NOT the “easy option”!

As far as I’m aware the expression “too posh to push” came about after Victoria Beckham had a caesarean section with her first pregnancy. I don’t know the in’s and out’s of why she needed a section, but I am sure, like most of us who have ended up having one (or two etc) it wasn’t because she was “too posh to push” and more like something went wrong with her labour.

I ended up having an emergency section after what they call “failure to progress” …. your not kidding me …. after over 60 hours in labour, I kind of agree that I was failing to progess! I had to have an emergency section. I won’t go into detail, I’ll save that for another post.

So when the time came for me to have my second baby – this time by elective section – I was surprised when friends, ladies I worked with, friends of friends etc told me how “lucky” or “jammy” I was to be not giving birth naturally.  To say I was irked was an understatement …. “lucky” I thought to myself, they haven’t got a clue.

So let me explain how “lucky” I was ……

First of all we started with a junior anaesthetist trying and failing, for 45 minutes to administer my spinal block.  You have to curve your back right over and kind of arch it like a cat does, which trust me is easier said than done with something the size of a watermelon sat in your pelvis.  When that little joy is finally over the section begins.

A caesarean section involves the cutting of the abdomen and uterus (it is as painful as it sounds) . Your baby is born fairly quickly, within minutes really, and you are distracted by your new arrival but the surgeon then spends around half an hour putting your insides back together and sewing you up.

You obviously cannot get out of bed for at least 12 hours after a section. So you have to tend to your newborn from the “comfort” of your hospital bed! Standing up for the first time after having a section I found really tricky and pretty bloody painful, I can assure you all, I wasn’t feeling lucky or jammy at that moment in time!

You are then discharged home, wearing your sexy surgical stockings which you have to keep on for at least ten days and clutching a box of injections called Clexane which you have to inject yourself in the stomach with once a day, also for ten days, to prevent blood clots.

Moving/walking/bending etc after having a section hurts, a lot. Getting out of bed is particularly tricky and I developed a type of roll to my feet kind of move to get in and out of bed.

Obviously you can’t drive for six weeks.

I have been left with a thick lumpy scar, which got infected after both my sections requiring antibiotics, and developed into a uterine infection second time round.

There are patches around my stomach and scar which are still numb and which I doubt I will ever regain the feeling in.

My legs swelled so bad from being immobile that I looked like an extra from The Clumps.

I could go on, I’m not going to, I think you are getting the idea! If you are reading this and have had a section, I am sure you can relate.

However if you are reading this and are of the mindset that ladies who have sections get an easy ride, are a cop out, are too posh to push etc, please think on, it is most definitely NOT the easy option.

I for one, would have much preferred to do what my body was naturally geared up to do.


Running Mamma


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