Willpower oh willpower where art thou?

Gained 2lb at Fat Club Slimming World this morning, I stayed the same last week, didn’t go the week before and gained one the week before that so I think its fair to say August has been a pretty shitty month for me weight-loss wise and I don’t know why I can’t focus.

I had/have two goals. The first I set at the beginning of August was to get my 2 stone award by the end of August in time for Poppy’s first birthday party, this would have meant losing 8lb. Clearly that hasn’t happened. My other goal is my mother-in-law’s wedding which is in four weeks, I would love to have a bit more weight off by then.

It does seem whenever I set myself goals though that I spectacularly fall off the wagon!

Going by today’s weigh-in, I have 1 stone 6lb to lose just to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have another 1st 8lb on top of that to reach my target weight *sigh*.

I wonder if this treadmill of losing/gaining weight will ever end. Will I ever be happy with how I look & feel?

In the meantime if anyone has seen my willpower please send it back to me, I need it A.S.A.P.

Here’s to drawing a metaphorical line under it all and putting my all into a good week!


Running Mamma 


3 thoughts on “Willpower oh willpower where art thou?

  1. I know how you feel, my will power seems to have booked a last minute summer break along with yours. I couldn’t get on with Slimming World despite trying a number of times but today I started back on Weight Watchers so if you need any support I’m in the boat now.
    Good luck x


    1. Ah this was last week’s post, I wrote this then gave myself a massive kick up the arse & managed to lose 4lb this week! I stopped pressuring myself to reach weight deadlines & am just trying to go with the flow! Good luck with WW 🙂 xxx


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