About Me

I am 32, I have been married for 8 years this year, I am a stay at home mummy to my two beautiful children who are my entire world. Before having children I was a legal secretary for over 10 years, a job I truly loved and a profession which I hope to one day return to when the children start school.  I worked for the Probation Service before having my daughter, a tough job and which although I did enjoy, you see a very dark side of life – there are things I take from that job I will never ever forget and which have definitely shaped my outlook on life.

I am currently following Slimming World to shift the baby weight (well I call it as “baby weight” in truth its years of comfort eating plus two pregnancies!! My poor body!!)  I have always struggled with my weight and there are some days when I think I am never ever going to win the battle but for the sake of my health and being a good role model to my children, I continue on this journey I struggle with so much. Which is where the running comes in.

I absolutely love running. It helps my PND so much, on days where I really struggle, to get out & pound the pavements, even just for an hour, gives me the headspace I really need to refocus. It is of course super beneficial for my health and helps with the weight loss. I am far from the fastest runner but I don’t do it for timings or to be the best and my mantra is “I am lapping all those sat on the couch”


Running Mamma


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